Now that 1.14 is out, we’re going to jump on in. It’s supposed to have a ton of fixes as well as the new villager mechanics and new pillagers.

We’re also upgrading the server to one provided by CubedHost given the struggles the old M17x was having with 1.13 and the builds we we’re doing. It’s one of the packages we can afford, with 2GB of RAM it seems smaller but I think the server hardware will get us more despite the smaller amount of RAM. At the very least Java should play better since it won’t be “adjusting” it’s performance to accommodate “laptop” hardware.

We’re also updating the data packs, and moving to just the ones available on Vanilla Tweaks. You can download a similar setup using the links below:

Now that we’re using the actual 1.14 server we can also thin out our custom texture pack. Some of us are also running OptiFine now, and a few custom additional local textures.