Updated Resource Pack

I made a couple small changes to the resource pack we use on the server today. Most of the resources are still from VanillaTweaks, and can be had using this link: https://vanillatweaks.net/share#BpsjBs. Also from VanillaTweaks, we have the textures for the wrench and a couple other data pack related items.

What’s new is a change to the Wolf - after grabbing a texture from Planet Minecraft, our tamed wolves should look like Black Labs. It’s one of those things we’d been talking about but never quite got around to it.

I also added my very first resource pack - some custom villager voices! It’s a very “version 1” bit of voice work, and is at this stage more for me to nail down the mechanics of how to build this sort of thing before I go through the time and work of scripting, recording, and editing something a little better. You can hear some examples and get a quick run-down in the video below:

Download from: