The “Beta” season.

We started Season 00 with the initial release of 1.13 on a local server (AnonJr’s old Alienware M17x R4 for the curious) with the seed -1872826417. Mostly this season is about changing the way we work together in a more stream-friednly way (a little more space between builds, making sure we’re always chatting via Discord, etc.), getting our recording and streaming gear in order, and working through building channels on Twitch/Mixer/YouTube. Each member’s page has where to find each of us.

In late April 2019 we upgraded the server to one provided by CubedHost given the struggles the old M17x was having with 1.13 and the builds we were doing.

We’ve got a few data packs and crafting recipies in place, mostly from Vanilla Tweaks and VoodooBeard:

  • One Player Sleep (Can’t remember where I found this one…)
  • Anti-Ender Grief (VoodooBeard)
  • Gravestones (VoodooBeard)
  • Mob Muffler (VoodooBeard)
  • Zombie Leather (VoodooBeard)
  • AFK Name Display (Vanilla Tweaks)
  • Double Shulker Shells (Vanilla Tweaks)
  • Double Slab Crafting (Vanilla Tweaks)
  • Dragon Drops Elytra (Vanilla Tweaks)
  • Mob Silencer (Vanilla Tweaks)
  • More Mob Heads (Vanilla Tweaks)
  • Redstone Rotation Wrench (Vanilla Tweaks)
  • Terracotta Rotation Wrench (Vanilla Tweaks)
  • Universal Dyeing (Vanilla Tweaks)

AnonJr has been running a texture pack consisting of the 1.14 beta textures as they’ve been released, and a few items from Vanilla Tweaks. Because of the custom textures needed for a couple items, it’s also set as the server texture pack. When we update the Season 00 server to 1.14 we’ll slim and update the server texture pack.