New Year, New Season, New Member

Season 01, new year, new server, new member - we’re starting today, 01 Jan 2020, on a fresh 1.15.1 server with the seed 1057265842. We’re still running on the hosting package by CubedHost as it’s been a great experience so far (other than some self-inflicted issues). Season 00 was a great starter/learning season, now we start for realz. :)

This is also the season that our good friend XMedic_Frog joins the server.

We’re still running a “vanilla” server in the sense that we’re using the JAR from Mojang. We are using a few datapacks, crafting tweaks, and resources from Vanilla Tweaks to round off a few edges.

Here’s the links if you want to play along with our current server setup:

Some of us are also running OptiFine (well, we were as soon as the 1.15 client was released), and a few custom additional textures.