New Year, New Season, New Member

Season 01, new year, new server, new member - started on 01 Jan 2020, on a fresh 1.15.1 server with the seed 1057265842. We’re still running on the hosting package by CubedHost as it’s been a great experience so far (other than some self-inflicted issues). Season 00 was a great starter/learning season, now we start for realz. :)

This is also the season that our good friend Medic_FRCG joins the server.

We’re still running a “vanilla” server in the sense that we’re using the JAR from Mojang. We are using a few datapacks, crafting tweaks, and resources from Vanilla Tweaks to round off a few edges.

We updated to 1.16.1 on 27 June. Here’s the links if you want to play along with our current 1.16.1 server setup:

Some of us are also running the pre-release OptiFine, and a few custom additional textures.

  1. We’ve been using the Player Graves datapack that VooDooBeard built instead of the Vanilla Tweaks one due to some issues in the current version. We’ll look at going back when it’s been updated. We also customized the Wandering Trader to use our heads instead of the Hermit heads.