Updated Resource Pack

I made a couple small changes to the resource pack we use on the server today. Most of the resources are still from VanillaTweaks, and can be had via the links on the Season 01 page.

What’s new is a change to the Totem of Undying. It’s a small change that I’ve talked about, and finally got around to. I’ll let you check out the live stream to see if you spot it. 🙃

I also added my second ever resource pack - some custom Wandering Trader voices! After making a resource pack that replaced the Villager voices, and having a lot more fun with it than I expected, I put this together for the Wandering Trader. It’s still a little “Version 1”-ish. I never really worked on voices before, so getting something that is both different and usable is still a bit of a struggle.

The pack replaces all the wandering trader vocalizations with some actual audio work, voiced by me, and altered so it’s not me listening to me every time a wandering trader spawns in the middle of my redstone. You can hear some examples and get a quick run-down in the video below:

Download from: