Season 02 Starting Soon!

We planned the end of Season 01 for when 1.17 launched. The intent was to enjoy some new Caves and Cliffs and all the things that went along with them… and then the update got split. So, we’re still starting a new season - but it’s going to be a chance to play some Skyblock. We’ve all mostly played vanilla Minecraft (except Arcaidius - he’s played a fair amount of Pixelmon), so this is a chance to try something new.

We’re using the relatively simple uSkyBlock Revived on Spigot. Other than the required plug-ins, we’re also using CustomOreGen to keep the block acquisition process from getting too grindy. Unfortunately uSkyBlock Revived hasn’t been updated to 1.17 yet, so we’re not going to be able to use any of the new blocks this go-round.

Because we’re still in 1.16.5, we’re using the same datapacks, crafting tweaks, and resources from Vanilla Tweaks that we used in Season 01; with the minor addition of less streaky glass and the addition of the Durability Ping datapack.

This and links to the various textures and resources we use is available on the Season 02 page.

World Downloads

I’ve also gone back and made the world download for Season 00 and Season 01 available on their respective Season page. Be kind… they’re a little big.